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Menzel is your partner for complete textile finishing; from winding technology, to wet finishing, to coating and cloth inspection.

Our ranges are known for compact construction and high operational reliability.
Factors such as high profitability and efficiency in terms of energy footprint are key.
The convincing argument for Menzel wet finishing ranges are low water and chemical consumption.

Each installation is performed in accordance to individual customer requirements. Customer productivity, ease of operation and handling are at the center of our attention.


1 3-Roll Automatic Winder
2 Beam Washer
3 Brusher/Lint Collector
4 Hydraulic A-Frame Jack
5 Industrial Gas Combustion Analyzer
6 Inspection Machine
7 Menzel Sueding Machine
8 Multi-Station A-frame Winder
9 Oscillating Roll
10 Polyband Expander
11 Roller Accumulators
12 Seam Detectors
13 Singeing Machine
14 Two-Roll Surface Winder
15 Type BRV Brushing and Vacuuming System
16 Unwind Cradle

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