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A cost-efficient method of rotating and washing small lots of dyed or chemically-treated fabric.




Menzel Beam Washer

Efficiently handling small lots of fabric following dyeing, de-sizing or bleaching has always presented a problem. Until now. With the Menzel Beam Washer, once the bleach or dye is applied, the fabric is wound onto a perforated beam A-frame, which is used for winding, rotating, washing, transport and let-off of wet rolls up to 6 in diameter.

The 16 diameter stainless steel beam incorporates a perforated area in the center, along with a rotary joint with wash water connection and a centerwind coupling for the rotation drive. When outfitted with a slow rotation drive unit, water-logging is prevented during the reaction and/or beam-washing processes.


Standard Features:


  • 16 stainless steel beam with perforated are in the center for consistent water flow.
  • Rotary joint with 4; hose for wash water connection.
  • Centerwind coupling for the rotation drive
  • 6 channel A-frame with 2-7/16 pillow blocks and solid steel straight legs on one end and dual phenolic casters on the opposite end for ease of movement


Optional Features:


HP hydraulic A-frame rotation drive system with 1 to 12 drive heads for slow, controlled rotation of wet rolls of fabric.

Hydraulic A-frame roll jack for transporting empty or loaded beam washing frames.



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