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Removing lint and dust from one or both sides of a variety of webs




Menzel Type BRV Brushing and Vacuuming System

Menzel’s brushing and vacuuming machine will give you clean, lint-free woven and non-woven webs every time. Available in models to brush and vacuum the face, back or both sides of the fabric, the Menzel system is equipped to handle a wide variety of webs. Far more compact than other similar machines, the Menzel BRV also features a much stronger suction. The system is assembled and tested in our shop prior to shipment to ensure reliability. An optional lint collector attachment is also available.



Standard Features:


The following is a list of standard features found on all Menzel mechanical seam detectors:


  • Heavy duty housing manufactured from steel rubbing and formed sheet metal.
  • Two driven brush rolls with knock-off bar, electric drive motors, pulleys,belt and safety guard.
  • Clean-out openings.
  • Two stainless steel guide bars.
  • Web guide and spreading strips forming the suction lips.




Optional Features:



  • Available for either one side of fabric or both sides.
  • Lint collector with 2-bag condenser and 7-1/2 HP high pressure blower.
  • Cyclone lint collector with a 7-1/2 HP high pressure blower for higher efficiency.


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