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Detecting and correcting improper air/gas ratios in pre-mixed burner manifolds and gas pipelines.




Menzel Industrial Gas Combustion Analyzer


In machines that use gas flames such as predryers, singers and curing ovens, improper gas/air ratios in the pre-mix can be the source of many problems. If a flame is burning too high or too low, it could mean that the job is not getting done properly. Any if the percentage of gas in the combination is too high, you could be unnecessarily wasting a lot of fuel.

Until now, it's been difficult to maintain a consistent air/gas ratio that will keep the flame burning at an optimum level. With Menzel's Industrial Gas Combustion Analyzer, the problem is solved.





Standard Features:


  • Highly sensitive, yet durable, thermalconductivity cell detects the difference in thermal properties between gas and air. Can handle any range between 0-3% and 9-100% C4 in air or nitrogen.
  • Lightweight and very portable. The analyzer weighs only 6 lbs.
  • LCD Digital display shows actual percentage by volume. The user can precisely control the mixture by percentage. Accurate to 2% of full scale.
  • 0-10% range linear and over 10% slightly non-linear. Maximum deviation is 1-2% full scale C4.
  • A flow indicator is provided
  • Powered by a 12V "gel cell". Includes a 115VAC 60 Hz recharger. A built in recharging circuit allows the analyzer to be recharged while in use. A fully charged battery is good for 20 hours of continuous operation



Optional Features:


  • The Analyzer can be supplied in a weather proof enclosure.
  • 0-1 VDC Output
  • Calibration kits are available



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