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Achieving consistent suede-like fabric




Menzel Sueding Machine




Giving fabric the look and feel of suede is not a new concept, it's been done for years. But accomplishing this feat with ease and consistency, as well as years of trouble-free service has been a long time coming and has finally arrived.

The Menzel Sueding Machine offers complete control of the fabric during the sueding process. A set of "Tejax" handwheels individually adjust the tension rollers between sueding rolls and incorporate dial indicators for accurate position readings. And with the Menzel Sueding Machine, a large angle of contact between the fabric and sueding roll is rarely necessary.




Standard Features:




  • Heavy-duty steel plate side frames offer strength and durability.
  • Combination of entrance idler, spreader roll and draw roll keep the fabric straight for the best possible results.
  • 2 HP, variable speed drive for the draw rolls with speed differential for tension control.
  • Five sueding rolls, each driven by a 5 HP AC drive, are covered with a choice of sanding grits for various fabrics.
  • Set of adjustable tension bars between sueding rolls ensure optimum control.
  • Non-breakable, transparent covers allow constant viewing of the sueding rolls.
  • Set of lint collection ducts are built-in, ready for external connection.
  • Electrical control panel is pre-wired to fit individual plant specifications and tested at our factory.



Optional Features:




  • High exit frame includes upper drive roll (powered by the sueding machine drive), one rider roll and driven roll plaiter with adjustable stroke.
  • Lint collector comes complete with 7-1/2 HP commercial blower, two large capacity nylon lint collection bags, and filter media on all four sides of the enclosure.





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