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Accurately locating seams while automatically activating other functions




Menzel Seam Detectors


As a leader in seam detection system, we offer both electronic and mechanical devices to meet our customer's specific requirements.  Either seam detector can be interfaced with an electric timer for a second contract with adjustable delay, or with a present counter to provide a second contact at a pre-selected yardage.


Both systems are very accurate and user friendly, with the electronic system requiring little or no reconfiguration for webs of different colors and opacities.




Standard Features:

The following is a list of standard features found on all Menzel mechanical seam detectors:


  • Sturdy steel framework for years of trouble-free service.

  • Two non-marking sensing rolls for accurately locating seams.

  • Micrometer gap setting is adjustable for a variety of fabric thicknesses.

  • Limit switch activates predetermined functions


The following is a list of standard features found on all Menzel electronic seam detectors:



  • A deep throat sensing head with dual photo-electric detecting sensors provides the most accurate seam detection possible, regardless of web consistency.

  • Control box with sensitivity switch puts control at operator's fingertips.

  • On/off switch and output relay.


Both mechanical and electronic seam detection systems can be used to activate the following:



  • Open a calendar nip for seam passage

  • Raise a shearing blade

  • Seam mapping system

  • Alarm or warning light

  • Raise sueding machine sanding rolls

  • Machine stop at exact position of seams


Optional Features:



  • Electronic timer for improved seam location accuracy.

  • Second contact with delay for multiple activation function

  • Preset counter can be set to control other functions at pre-determined yardages.



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